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"Being able to have the curriculum at home has made a big difference. At KDS he can review unit readings, videos, examples, learning guides and tests. He has great teachers guiding him, and wanting to communicate. He takes more pride in his work. We have seen great improvement in his understanding."

Studying at Home
Home schooling

"He is much more likely to start and finish school tasks than he has been in the past.  The constant rumble of voices and activities that drew his attention away, have been removed, as well as the ability to hide his lack of focused effort in some tasks.  If it doesn't get done by him, it doesn't get done.  It's a good lesson, and hard won, I tell you what."

"He is less negative about school, and shows a greater interest in learning to the point that he sometimes goes looking for me to tell me what he has 'just found out'."

Learning From Home
Learning From Home

"Definitely requires full time facilitation to help the child stay on track, explain the material when they are confused, schedule their day, modify the schedule when needed, scan or take pics of all the learning guides/projects and create word files so they can be submitted."

"I am of the opinion, that the KDS model is well crafted, maintained, and ready to be scaled up to serve more students.  I believe this will allow students to learn at times more in line with families where the (parents) need the learning flexibility due to shift work, etc."

Home schooling
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