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Scholarship and Bursary Opportunities


Full-time KDS students are eligible to apply for all Southeast Kootenay School District and Provincial scholarships, as well as external scholarships and bursaries available online.



External Scholarship and Bursaries:

Many opportunities are available for students that are willing to work hard and apply some effort researching external financial support options and opportunities. Review the following websites for various scholarship/bursary information:









Post-Secondary Institution Entrance Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries:

Students are encouraged to read the Financial Aid section of calendars for post-secondary institutions they plan on attending. Most institutions offer entrance scholarships.

Tips Towards Scholarship Success

Self-advocacy – seek out the relevant information from the links above and from spending some time perusing opportunities on the internet.


If you want to improve your chances of being a successful candidate for many opportunities, you can look at these factors:

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Community Service

  • Keeping your grades as high as possible

​​​​Ten well-rounded qualities many Scholarship and Bursary contests look for:

  • enthusiasm

  • teamwork

  • character

  • work ethic

  • purpose

  • ability to overcome obstacles

  • initiative

  • community service

  • perseverance

  • responsibility

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