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Struggling to fit electives into your course schedule? Need to upgrade marks or complete prerequisites for a post-secondary program? Working part-time or full-time? Looking for a more individualized, flexible learning plan to allow you to prioritize high-level athletics or a hectic extra-curricular schedule? Hoping to work toward your grad plan at a faster or slower pace? Kootenay Discovery School offers the opportunity to personalize your learning plan to fit your individual schedule, timeline, or goal.


Our courses run entirely online on the Brightspace platform, which allows for continuous enrollment, and 24/7 access to the course.


All courses are developed by BC-certified teachers and meet the BC Ministry of Education curriculum requirements. 


Inquire about opportunities to enroll in online industry-specific training programs while taking courses with us. You can adjust your study load to meet your needs.

Senior Program
Course Offerings

Career Education

Career Life Education 10 Career Life Connections 12 Work Experience 12A Work Experience 12B


Science 10 Life Sciences 11 Chemistry 11 Physics 11 Earth Sciences 11 Science for Citizens 11 Anatomy and Physiology 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12

Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education 10 Active Living 11 Active Living 12

English Language Arts

English Language Arts 10 - Composition English Language Arts 10 - New Media English First Peoples 10 English 11 English First Peoples 11 English Studies 12 English First Peoples 12

Social Studies

Social Studies 10 Explorations in Social Studies 11 20th Century World History 12 Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12 Law Studies 12 Philosophy 12 Physical Geography 12 Social Justice 12


Workplace Math 10 Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10 Workplace Math 11 Foundations Math 11 PreCalculus Math 11 Apprenticeship Math 12 Foundations Math 12 PreCalculus Math 12 Calculus 12

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies

Computer Studies 10 Accounting 11 Foods and Nutrition 11 Computer Programming 11 Interpersonal Relationships 11 Foods and Nutrition 12 Child Development 12 Entrepreneurship 12 Fashion Industry 12

Please note: Students must reside within School District 5

(Southeast Kootenay) to enroll with Kootenay Discovery School 

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